Clinical and Diagnostics Logistics”

Is the only Drug Depot in Lebanon solely dedicated to Clinical Trial Regulatory and Logistics Supplies Services.

Market Placement*

Lebanon is the 2nd largest market in the number of studies representing 24% of the clinical research market in the Levant/GCC region, for the year 2020.



Business Growth

With over 115 studies since 2009,

CD Log has doubled its business within the last 4 years and captured 29% of interventional drug studies running in Lebanon in 2019.


  1. ISO 9001:2015 certified by AFNOR
  2. Good Storage & Distribution Practices Certificate- "Class A" certified by the Lebanese MoPH


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Units Handled

Customer Acknowledgements


Customers* commend CD Log with a 90% overall

weighted average satisfaction level.

90% of the 94% respondents are likely to

recommend CD Log depot.


*Survey done in QI-2019 via Kwik Survey

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